Get people talking about your brand and your products through influencers, a source of inspiration with a strong prescription power.

Influential Generations

We help you define your influence strategy with different targets: children, parents or future parents, families and teachers, all audiences that are particularly sensitive to the opinions and feedback of their peers.

The perfect match for your needs

Depending on your issues, we contact the types of influencers active on the networks that best meet your needs, finding the perfect balance between macro or top influencers to maximize your visibility and nano or micro-influencers for more precise and affinity targeting. For each campaign, our influencer specialists devise impactful mechanics and storytelling and recommend suitable influencers according to various qualitative and quantitative criteria, ranging from the age of the children to their geographical location, not to mention their favorite themes or products to be banned, or the average engagement rate of their accounts.

Our commitments

  • A privileged and human relationship with today's influencers (YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.).
  • A permanent watch to enrich our network of more than 800 influencer partners (kids, parents, lifestyle, decoration...) A strong adequacy between the values and the graphic universe of the brand / the editorial line and the appearance of the feed of the partner influencers.
  • A minimum commitment guaranteed by the selection of influencers. Paid partnerships, protecting the brand, the influencer and his family.
  • Projects with detailed briefs and contracts. Complete reporting with various KPIs (reach, engagement, completion, purchases...).


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