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Influence with millennial parents

Influence with millennial parents

On February 10th, Aurore VANACKER, our client director, was present at the Grand Palais in Lille to participate in a round table on the theme of influence strategies. This round table was organized byISEFAC and animated by Stéphanie RAMSAY. If you weren't there, we'll take care of transcribing the information mentioned during this event!

Photo credit: Guillaume METIER for Agence SARAVA

Millennials and their relationship with influencers

As a reminder, the Millennials represent the generation from 24/25 to 39/40 years old. Most of them are "young parents" and very present on social networks.

On these very social networks, millennial parents will put their trust in : 

  • their peers, the parent-consumers, many of whom can be considered nano-influencers because they generate content.
  • Micro and macro parent influencers with a growing interest in the "micro" ones. Still considered objective in their choice of partnerships with brands.
  • brands, which this generation wants to trust again and co-create with.

What Millennial parents are looking for, both from the brand and from influencers, is a match with their values and lifestyle.

For example, recent studies show that parents feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children. A brand that will take the angle of influence strategies in its communication will touch them in the heart. 

Micro-influencers are popular

Photo credit: Guillaume METIER for Agence SARAVA

It must be said that micro influencers are popular right now! They are in line with the Millennials' desires: they often speak out on more specific topics than the macro ones. They put forward their passions, without being influenced in their choice of partnerships or their speech because they are not paid. 

These influencers are also popular with brands because they don't always ask for payment. And are therefore not subject to the new legal obligations that impose to consider the appearance of a child in the content of a paid influencer as a full-fledged job. This imposes the creation of a paid model contract in addition to the remuneration for publishing the content. 

Bringing together parents and influencers to create the innovations of tomorrow

KidsLab, a community of exchange and innovation between consumers of "family" products or services, aims to feed the needs of millennial parents, children and influencers! The contributors, motivated by the desire to change their relationship with brands. They freely share their experiences and give their opinion, without any intervention from the brands. Com' des Enfants is then the voice of these parents-consumers-influencers with the brands to initiate new projects. And to create offers as close as possible to their expectations .

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