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We are assisting Burger King France 's Family Marketing Department in building its strategy and licensing line-up for 4-12 year olds since 2020, based on a benchmark and strong insights to propose bonus-license duos generating brand preference among families.

We play a complete role with Burger King teams, from proposing and negotiating licensing deals to creating certain fun incentives, including the activation plan around licensed incentives.

  • Rabbids (Ubisoft)
  • The Sisters & Pilo (Bamboo Edition)
  • Minions (Universal)

Finally, we are assisting the brand with the redesign of the playgrounds, in accordance with their new group graphic charter, as well as with the writing of a new birthday concept within the restaurants.

Design des nouvelles aires de jeux Burger King

6 booklets of comics and games under Rabbids license

Booklets of 32 pages declined under 6 themes: food, sport, passion, animals, creative talents and anti-heroes.

@ Glenat

6 double-livrets de BD sous licences Les Sisters x Pilo

Double- livrets de 48 pages déclinés sous 6 thèmes : la famille, les copains, l’école, les vacances, le sport et les bêtises.

7 livrets de Jeux avec stickers sous licence Minions

Livrets de 24 pages déclinés sous 7 thèmes pour apprendre un devenir un super méchant et garder la banane avec les Minions : les techniques de combat, l’art du camouflage, le pilotage, l’espionnage, le travail d’équipe, etc.