A double skill to highlight licenses and heroes of the Kids universe and then give them the power to develop the sympathy capital of brands and sell products.

For the beneficiaries

We help you develop the visibility of a license during its launch (arrival on TV or new ranges of derivative products) or to maintain its status of love-brand by creating strong communication moments in the absence of strong news around the license to remain in the hearts and homes of children and families. We create direct links between the license and the different generations but also indirectly demonstrate to your potential licensees the activations planned around your license.

For licensees

We write a real licensing strategy to avoid the selection of licenses at the "opportunity" and to create a real preference for your brand among children and families, based on various criteria for selecting your licensing partners: reputation, exclusivity, prescription strength, ability to trigger the act of purchase, fit with your DNA, news and communication plan planned around the license ...


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