We advise French and international brands in the reflection of innovative strategic axes, supported by a sharp knowledge of the behaviors and expectations of different family models and children of today and tomorrow!

Our mission is :

  • To take into account the prescription force of the family circle and integrate it into the strategy of French and international companies,
  • Engage children, family and grandparents through new customer experiences that meet their desires,
  • To give meaning to your marketing actions and to know the keys of a sensitive and evolving environment,
  • To have a 360° vision of your positioning strategy to respond to the multi-channel exposure of the family,

For an in-depth analysis, we apply the "Strategic Thinking" method, which consists of studying the company's data (past, present, future), crossing them with those of the market and its environment, while taking into account the expectations and needs of a particular target. The objective of this approach is to establish the vision of tomorrow for the company and its products.