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From organic reach to ROI acquisition!


Social networks have come of age and the vast majority of brands now have a Facebook page and/or an Instagram account. As a result, branded content is becoming more and more prevalent on users' news feeds. And this is at the expense of the posts of their friends and accounts they follow. As a result, Facebook and Instagram regularly revise their algorithm. The result? An organic reach (understanding visibility of posts) in constant decline. Brands that still want to be visible in the users' news feed in a noticeable way are back to the recipes that work: advertising!

Refined targeting possibilities

Before advertising, you need to know where your target audience is. If Facebook remains the number 2 social network in France, 13-18 year olds tend to abandon it to turn to Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube (1st social network in France). These three social networks are very much used by millennials and students for example, while counting a majority of women. Facebook and Instagram are mostly used by 25-44 year olds (therefore potential parents) with a rather male audience on Facebook and female on Instagram.

Beyond these rather "macro" demographic criteria, the advertising tools of Facebook, Instagram or YouTube make it possible to present content to very precise targets to optimize campaigns, and thus their profitability. These criteria can be the parent status, the age of the children, the interests (toys, cartoons, education, psychologies, child hygiene, etc.) but also the interaction history between the Internet user and the brand (visit of a page, interaction with a publication or action on a website, among others).

A digital strategy to (re)think

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube form an essential trio to start an advertising strategy on the networks, allowing to reach both parents and children. Setting up ad campaigns on one or more of these 3 networks will allow a brand to meet various and complementary objectives: maximizing interactions on existing posts on the brand's social account, developing brand awareness, increasing reach, promoting repetition (and therefore memorization) of an advert to reinforce a TV advertising plan, triggering sales or creating and enriching a qualified database of prospects to convert into customers.

A necessary accompaniment

Because it can be difficult for a brand to get started in Social Media Advertising strategies, Com' des Enfants supports them both strategically -by providing guidelines- and operationally by creating and optimizing monthly or annual acquisition campaigns.

Constantly on the lookout for social media and acquisition, Com' des Enfants works with brands to activate the levers that are beneficial to them!


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