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Social Media: indispensable?

Discover our series of videos/interviews "The Kid'Expert minute"! In this first edition, our Digital Project Manager comes back on the reasons and good tips to use Social Media and create a link with all generations.

Social Media: indispensable for brands?

We have to go there because today's consumers expect brands to come to them. We have to meet them where they are most present, willing to exchange and communicate with brands: this place is social networks.

Can a Social Media strategy be adapted to all targets?

Social Media tools reach a multi-generational target: each member of the family has his or her preferred networks.

Parents, for example, are rather fervent about blogs and are very present on Facebook, whereas teenagers deserted Facebook when their parents arrived to find themselves on networks such as Snapchat in particular: the under 25s represent 70% of the target.

Facebook remains a real booster of notoriety among 18-39 year olds. Instagram, which has a similar target as Facebook but with a different objective which is to be an image and value revealer.

We can even reach children via Social Media, especially on Youtube and since last May via Youtube Kids in France.

Is Social Media reserved for certain sectors of activity?

The use of Social Media is not reserved to certain sectors of activity. Of course, in the era of image, brands featuring their food, beauty or fashion products are the most popular today on the networks. But not only! Brands offering services can also make a place for themselves in this universe and are already doing so. SNCF, Air France or SFR for example have managed to make their mark by building a Social Media strategy consistent with their DNA.

When to use Social Media?

Social Media can allow historical "love brands" to renew their communication and their target. For example, Com' des Enfants took up this challenge for the brand Saforelle Miss from Laboratoires Iprad by renewing their communication through social networks thanks to the creation of a mascot called Lisa, a little 5-year-old girl whose role is to transmit good intimate hygiene practices in a light-hearted way to counter the taboo of this theme. Social Media can accompany and even precede a brand or product launch with a teasing effect. This is the case of several young brands in recent years that sometimes had a Facebook page with several thousand fans before being distributed in supermarkets.


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