The Kid's Expert Minute, Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking: explanation

In this new edition of "The Kid's Expert Minute", Shirley Curtat-Cadet explains what Strategic Thinking is and why it is important for brands.

 How is Strategic Thinking necessary to best support brands?

Strategic thinking is a process of reflection that allows us to identify unique market opportunities that will create value for the brand. This strategic thinking is only possible by taking into account people and the people around them: customers, consumers, buyers, influencers, etc.
The objective is to connect them together to study the leads and ideas that emerge from their exchanges, their lifestyles and that will make the brand grow. It is a kind of confrontation of ideas that requires a total open-mindedness, a questioning, an understanding of the opinion of the others and especially a propensity for change on the part of the brand.

What is the challenge for brands to use Strategic Thinking?

With this approach, we are committed to bringing out the best in the brand and the company and what best corresponds to the current and especially future expectations of their customers. In many ways, using Strategic Thinking when we specialize in generational marketing allows us to deploy effective strategies for brands.
We finally give them a head start thanks to :
- a thorough expertise of the families,
- an analysis of related markets, but also of markets far from the brand universe to push them to see further.
- an in-depth knowledge of the brand, its universe, its history, its successes but also its failures.
Finally: bringing a vision to the brand is the key to Strategic Thinking!

What is the benefit of applying Strategic Thinking?

This allows to define a bold but true positioning and to create an action plan in line with the market expectations. The company will then be able to create value and develop a privileged and lasting relationship with its consumers.

In concrete terms, what types of problems can this address for brands?

They can be numerous... To give you some examples:
- a brand that is not well known by family targets but that wants to dedicate specific products to them;
- a brand that is facing an image problem with its consumers
- or a young SME that wants to launch itself with products or services dedicated to families.

There is no limit to imagination and even less to Strategic Thinking!

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