Branding: know yourself to be recognized

It is common to hear about branding strategy and brand content among brands and their benefits. What is this marketing lever that is more and more appreciated by brands and consumers alike?

Branding is an influential marketing activation that allows you to actively shape your image and give body to a brand. This term originates from the Anglo-Saxon term : brandwhich means brand. If we go further into its linguistic roots, the expression comes from the word burn, since a brand was once marked by fire.

It is no longer a question of burning by fire, but of studying, analyzing, and giving a brand a DNA test in order to bring out its strong and engaging values.

Branding is not only about the logo and the graphic identity but also about the soul of the company, its history and what makes it unique.

Branding, a solid and lasting foundation

Combined with a solid marketing strategy, branding allows you to create and reinforce brand recognition. Once linked, these axes allow you to build sustainable, profitable and impactful strategies with your targets, your employees. Each point of contact is an element of your branding strategy, a representation of your real identity.

We can also delineate 3 functions that branding promulgates:

  • Aspirational: it's a question of going beyond the commercial framework, of going beyond the product or service and creating affection, of the link to the brand and its values.
  • Identity : branding is also a way to create an image with which the consumer can identify, build or adapt his lifestyle and habits.
  • Transactional : the importance of branding also lies in the choice against the competition. A strong brand image affiliated with a product quality makes it easier for consumers to choose.

The field of possibilities

The implementation of branding is also an opening to a plurality of solutions. A renewal that is rooted in trends and new consumer habits.

Hipp Biologique, a client of Com' des Enfants, wished to review its positioning and identity in order to be more in line with a consumer market but also with professionals. A strong, innovative initiative that reinforces the brand's image.

Socrates said: " Know thyself", a very often heard and meaningful quote. Socrates may not have been sensitive to marketing, but he was already pointing out a strong axis that is fundamental to a company's strategy.



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