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The different degrees of influence

Influencers are today an essential activation lever for brands! And everyone is a bit of an influencer... in their own way! There are several degrees of influence, and each degree has its own marketing potential. This is what 90% of the brands in the Interbrand Top 100 (1) have understood. Com' des Enfants deciphers four of these levels for you. 




Today, more than 45% of the French population is active on social networks (2). Even brief consultations are important! For example, if a user likes the publication about your product launch, it will be suggested to his network. A like that can generate 10 views, not bad, right? Therefore, taking care of your contents is an art, they must catch the eye and please the target, in addition to getting the message across without misunderstanding! The goal? User Generated Content: the relay and creation of branded content by the target! To create a differentiating content that will make people react, a market study is necessary, as well as a strategic and creative support. 



Micro-influencers showcase their favorite products and mention brands to attract their attention and establish partnerships, most often without financial compensation. Conscious of not being able to monetize their action, they show their lifestyle in the hope of being able to live from it one day. The size of their community varies (from 10K to 30K), depending on their positioning and the themes they address. Children and family, lifestyle, music, video games, food, literature... They allow an interesting hyper-targeting for a controlled budget!


Summary paragraph for newsletter body: The macro-influencer has a well-established community, and reaches hundreds of thousands of people. He is the partner of choice for brands. 

Macro-influencers are well known to brands, and brands are fighting to get them! They have communities numbering in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans. They live from their passion and document every moment of their lives: the perfect opportunity to take advantage of several publication contexts and thus expose their products to the largest number of people. There is a macro-influencer to promote any activity or product, and having an agency that knows them and can guide their content so that it fits into the customer's brand universe, while providing a legal framework for the partnership is a real plus. 



They are called muses in traditional advertising language, and their celebrity is a reality beyond social networks. Brand ambassadors are also macro-influencers, with communities often close to or exceeding one million followers. Like muses, brand ambassadors agree to represent a product several times over a more or less long period of time: this is the opportunity to build a brand story with them. In addition to the financial agreement, the love affair is often required! If the brand ambassador has to ensure income, he also has to ensure the pleasure of his activity. It must be a good matchbetween the brand and the influencer. A specialized agency not only accompanies you in the choice of the ambassador who will best represent your brand, but also manages the commercial relationship with him/her, from the contact to the creation of content, including the negotiation of the price and the legal framework of reciprocal rights. 



2/3 of marketing budgets are dedicated to digital by French companies, that is to say 7 billion per year over the last 3 years (4). ROI measurement is possible, and this via : 

  • Impression measurement: this is the number of views of your content by your target. 
  • Engagement rate measurement: this is the number of interactions with the content. 
  • Community growth measurement: this is the number of fans gained as a result of a campaign. 
  • Measuring the impact of the campaign on your e-reputation: via qualitative social listening analyses. 

It is also possible via tools like Google Analytics to measure your share of web traffic from social networks, and of course your conversion rate to put the volume of sales in relation to the amount invested. 

From digital strategy consulting to account management and influencer relations, Com' des Enfants will help you reach your full potential in terms of brand image and return on investment.










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