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Influencers to develop your brand

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a new activation lever that relies on one or more leaders (also called influencers) to achieve specific objectives such as promoting a brand, a product, an event, etc. It is a technique made possible by social networks, which today offer great possibilities in terms of targeting, creativity, and above all, incentive to buy.

How and why use an influencer?

Through the content they post or the topics they cover, influencers have built up a community that is receptive to certain subjects. A brand will therefore be able to directly reach a targeted, interested and involved audience.

Influencers are precious insofar as their community trusts them, they are a kind of asset of sincerity between the brand and the product. To put it simply, they are the new prescribers!

Their potential is still underestimated by brands, yet they can play several roles, in different situations:

  • For example, they can help a brand communicate or develop its reputation by directly reaching a desired audience.
  • They can also help a brand to reinvent itself, we talk about nostalgia marketing, able to touch children and parents through memories and emotions.
  • They can influence the reputation of a brand in a positive way but also in a negative way in case of bad experience!

All this shows that their role is absolutely essential because they have real power today.

Should you focus on influencers with larger communities?

It's tempting to think that the biggest influencers have the best impact, but that would be a bit of a stretch. The bigger a community is, the less likely it is to be qualified. The choice of influencer is therefore very important and will depend on the objectives you wish to reach. At Com' des Enfants, we are very attentive to content and engagement and depending on the project, we work with influencers with more than 100,000 followers as well as micro-influencers with smaller communities.

Are there any networks to be preferred?

Once again, it all depends on your target and your objectives. A good social network is above all a network that allows you to combine storytelling and subtle incitement to purchase... Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest nowadays give pride of place to visuals and emotions to easily project yourself with a product.

For example, for the Tigex brand, which wanted to highlight its product innovations, we collaborated with 3 important "young mom" influencers on Instagram, which is THE network for famous digital mums!

On the other hand, for Universal and the Trolls franchise, we wanted to target a much younger audience, and we set up actions with a young Youtuber well known to children.

Brands and influencers: a marriage made to last?

Such a marriage is only successful if you believe in it! The interest of collaborating with influencers is also to find real ambassadors for the brand, seduced by its values and convinced by its products. If you don't have that little spark, you haven't found the right influencer yet!

From digital strategy consulting to account management and influencer relations, Com' des Enfants will help you reach your full potential in terms of brand image and return on investment.


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