Experiential: the recipes of food brands

food brand recipes

Today, brands, and especially the FOOD brands of mass distribution & consumption, must go far beyond their products to create a real brand experience. This strong demand for experiential is becoming an increasingly appetizing issue and is at the heart of tomorrow's marketing strategies. These brand experiences are the subject of increasingly enticing and innovative recipes.

To improve the consumer experience, retailers are implementing solutions such as personalization, customer journey follow-up, support or the creation of a project that reflects the brand's values and commitments. For 40% of French people, improving brand perception and loyalty is achieved through personalization of the experience. These solutions are becoming essential to satisfy brands in terms of data collection and especially for enriching the relationship with the consumer.

Create a link to nourish the relationship 

A good relationship has to be prepared and you need the right ingredients! Let's take the example of Pom'Potes (Materne) for which the agency Com' des Enfants has placed itself as a real advisor in thinking about how a brand can offer a 100% appropriate and unforgettable experience to its consumers starting from its products? To awaken their appetite we had the idea to create and offer in exclusivity 3 DIY to organize Olym'Potes in family! For this, we realized with the brand an influence relay as well as a contest on Instagram to allow consumers to win a year of Pom'Potes products! Through this operation the brand creates both a link and a real experience by allowing influencers and consumers to share moments with their family (while tasting a Pom'Potes!)

A brand new project that has taste! 

A good project is above all a meaningful project that gives concrete expression to the brand's values and commitments. 81% of French consumers would be ready to abandon a brand or a brand name if it no longer shared its values. For more than 65 years, all the actions of HiPP Biologique have been in line with the fundamental principles of organic farming: respect for the environment, natural resources and people, and meet a unique quality requirement. For HiPP this has resulted in the creation and planting of an organic and ecological orchard allowing city dwellers to discover and preserve a unique biodiversity in the heart of their city, while sharing delicious family moments. To accompany the brand, the agency Com' des Enfants created the graphic charter of the Orchard and handled the press relations for the campaign. 

Com' des Enfants is a consulting agency that is committed to its clients and more particularly to KIDS to offer them a unique experience that is a place of discovery, exchange and sharing between generations. 

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