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Branding Kid: a child's play

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Branding, a practice increasingly favored by brands.

Indeed, branding has become an essential element in any brand communication, it is even the first glance of the consumer. An engaging image allows to generate a link, an affect. This identity is not only graphic but also resides in the DNA of the brand.

To learn more about branding, find our article dedicated to the subject right here.

Today our attention is focused on branding targeting the younger generation. Branding for kids. This last one has for objective, to create a strong identity for children. This identity mentioned above can be a variation of the main image. It allows to think of points of contact with several audiences.

This was the case for one of our clients, Saforelle, with Saforelle Miss and its mascot Lisa, who has become an ambassador and guide for young girls' intimate hygiene. A character and an evocative and playful universe, which allows for a strong identification of the brand.

The creation of a real proximity with the youngest is based on a strategy, which is to address not children but prescribers, influencers within households. In fact, in 2017, 91% of parents say they take their children's opinions into account when making purchases.1


The look of the kids that matter to parents.

We were talking earlier about the proximity generated by the branding strategy. This proximity allows to create a tangible and real link with the consumer, in this case with a young audience. Attentive and curious, the creation of characters, of ambassadors with whom it is possible to interact, will allow the "kids" to appropriate the brand and to memorize it.

It is also good to take into account the nuances according to age groups. The 6-15 year olds remain the most decisive in household purchases. A generation that evokes the notion of "age of reason", a period conducive to decision-making and confidence.

As we have seen, branding knows no limits. Once used to create a global brand image, it is now a marketing asset that invites you to push the doors of creativity in order to obtain a universe specific to a product or a service.

[1] Source : The child: the household's purchasing prescriber? by Opinéa


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