Parenthood 2.0: the era of the parennials

Parenthood 2.0

While environmental and societal issues are gradually becoming part of people's minds. Brands must redouble their efforts to meet the new expectations of consumers. Among them, a new generation of ultra-demanding and ultra-connected parents: the parennials. Hybrid parenthood brings together parents and millenials who are helping to redefine consumer codes. Brands have to adapt their offer, their message and their communication channels to conquer this target.

A more responsible consumption

Made in France, eco-responsible, organic, this is the line of conduct adopted by the majority of these new parents. It is all the more marked in the baby world where products that are good for the planet and good for baby are the main credo. This requires more and more innovation on the part of brands to seduce them. Like Gilbert Laboratories, which launched their first 100% vegetable and 100% recyclable physiological serum single-dose from sugar cane waste at the end of 2020. A renewable raw material and 100% made in France. A real revolution in the baby world. 

The health crisis has only reinforced this trend among parents with a desire to favor brands with good ecological and social practices . To favor French manufacturing and sustainability. 

But beware of claims, parennials are not fooled! It is not enough for a brand to affix a made in France logo or a label to win the heart of this ultra-demanding target. Beyond declarations, they expect above all proof and coherence from the brand that makes sense to them. Otherwise, they will not hesitate to boycott with their opinion on their favorite field: the web.


Millennials mean digital 

A good project is above all a meaningful project. It is a project that gives concrete expression to the brand's values and commitments. 81% of French consumers would be ready to abandon a brand or a brand name if it no longer shared its values. For more than 65 years, all HiPP Biologique's actions have been in line with the fundamental principles of organic farming. The respect of the environment, natural resources, and human beings and meet a unique quality requirement. For HiPP this has resulted in the creation and planting of an organic and ecological orchard. The latter allows city dwellers to discover and preserve a unique biodiversity in the heart of their city. While sharing delicious moments with their families. To accompany the brand, the agency Com' des Enfants created the graphic charter of the Orchard and handled the press relations for the campaign. 

Because yes, digital is the best friend of these new parents. Buy, search, find, discover, exchange... in one hand the smartphone, in the other the babyphone! It is therefore in the best interest of brands to optimize their presence on the internet to hope to be on their preferred list. 

In this vast field, communities occupy a prime position with this target, as do consumer reviews. No more grandma's advice or mom's recommendations. From now on, an opinion on the Internet counts threefold. 97% of parents consult consumer reviews before buying online for their children and as many have already reviewed their purchase after reading a review. Hence the success of applications such as WeMoms, the Tinder of maternity or Bsit, the TripAdvisor of the baby-sitter, which have become the new Larousse for these parents. 


Influence marketing

Influencer marketing is also a powerful lever among parennials. 85% of them willingly buy products recommended by influencers. An act that is all the more motivated by a demand for authenticity and truthfulness of the product. An ideal ground for brands wishing to conquer this target. On the condition that they conduct a process of total transparency and commitment to ensure their legitimacy and gain consumer preference. This is how we have accompanied Laboratoires Gilbert. And this through an influencer campaign for the launch of their new Physiodose Végétal physiological serum range. In partnership with 10 influencers, we wanted to let their creativity speak for itself while highlighting the brand's values. 

Com' des Enfants is a consulting agency committed to its clients. And more particularly with KIDS to offer them a unique experience. A place of discovery, exchange and sharing between generations. 

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